McAlester freshmen GEAR UP students tour OSU–IT and Spartan College of Aeronautics

McAlester freshmen recently traveled to Okmulgee to tour the Oklahoma State University–Institute of Technology (OSU–IT) and then on to Jenks to the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology.
Students were given a guided tour of three departments while on the campus of OSU–IT. The Construction Technologies Department organized an interesting presentation to showcase the various degree programs within the department. Students learned about Construction Management Technology, Electrical Construction Technology and High Voltage Electricity. Next, they toured the Engineering Technologies Department. Students were given details about Civil Engineering/Surveying Technology, Engineering Graphics & Design Drafting as well as Manufacturing Technologies. They were also given an inside tour of the manufacturing lab and learned about the future of 3–D printing. The last stop was the Visual Communications building and programs. Visual Communication introduced Photography, Graphic Design and 3–D Animation, the three programs that make–up the department. Students got to see first–hand the artistic opportunities that are included in this program through student made videos.
After lunch, students traveled to Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, Jenks campus. They were divided into four groups and rotated between four programs offered at Spartan—Pilot Training, Aviation Maintenance, Avionics Maintenance Technologies and Non–Destructive Testing/Quality Control. Students learned how each program is vital to the success of everyday flights.
Each student was given the opportunity to sit inside an aircraft during the Pilot Training presentation. Many students were interested in “Discovery Flights” offered by Spartan. “Discovery Flights” allow students to go up with a trained flight instructor and fly the aircraft. Quite an experience for someone interested in becoming a pilot! Students can schedule these flights on another day, when it’s convenient for them.
The Aviation Maintenance degree and diploma programs provide training in everything from changing a tire to rebuilding a turbine engine. Students learned about the different parts of an aircraft. Students in the aviation maintenance program may study a variety of subjects, such as: Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Ignition and Electrical Systems, Fuel Systems, Pressurization, Aircraft Welding, Turbine–prop and Jet Engines.
In the Avionics Maintenance Technology program students learned what it takes to become a qualified Avionics Technician. Students enrolled in Spartan's Avionics Maintenance Technology program will gain training in a wide range of technologies, such as Navigation systems, Auto pilots, Weather radar, Flight simulation, Electronic flight instrument systems, Instrument landing, and Air traffic control transponders. They were excited to know this program includes drone technologies.
Nondestructive testing uses sophisticated technology to examine an object or material in a manner that does not compromise its future usefulness. Nondestructive testers and quality control technicians are the scientists and detectives of manufacturing world. Students were able to see examples of how they test the equipment and parts of the aircraft.
“It was a busy day,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Rachael Ranallo. “Students enjoyed both tours as various career opportunities were explained.”
The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.



Weddle, Holly & Martinez—McAlester freshmen students Baily Weddle, Nina Holly and Brandon Martinez listen intently to Richard Desruisseau as he explains about Aviation Maintenance and Mechanics at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology.


Mike Pierce talks to McAlester 9th Grade Students at OSU-IT—McAlester freshmen (Cameron Barone, Ethan Fryer, Jeremy Andrews, Celeste Lawson, Angel Wade, Tyler Chaky, Kristian Ethridge, Colby Bowden, Kambri Light, Emily Worstell, Jake Edwards and Dhilan Patel) listen as Mike Pierce talks about the 3–D printer in the Engineering lab at OSU–IT.


Spartan Flight Instructors—McAlester freshmen pose with flight instructors at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. Front row: Mr. Day Bradley, Destiny Hilton, Debbie Davis, Carter Lewis, Ashlyn Gentry, Zoey Lovett, Tessa Adams and Kambri Hayes.
Back row: Mr. Adam Holloway, Jordan Contreras, Jimmy Blancarte, Jacob Ethridge, Evan Canant, and Ashlynn Fortney


Ken Milliaman at OSU—IT—Ken Milliaman explains the manufacturing equipment in the lab at OSU–IT to McAlester freshmen (L–R) Jacob Riddle, Bailey Weddle, Sarah Harrison, Bailey Fry and Sydney Tarron.


Faith Paul and Zoey Lovett at Spartan—McAlester freshmen Faith Paul and Zoey Lovett pose in the hanger at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology.


Roger Shephard at OSU-IT—Roger Shephard (OSU–IT faculty) discusses the Construction Technology programs at OSU–IT with McAlester freshmen Cory Rubertus, Jacob Manning Kyle Session and Bailye Pratt.


Spartan instructors Justin Warren and Brent Duvall—Spartan Instructors Justin Warren and Brent Duvall explain the Non–Destructive Testing/Quality Control program to McAlester freshmen Christian Parker, Cameron Richards, Marle Angel and Kenneth McCarroll.


Rich Crawford at Spartain—McAlester freshmen GEAR UP students listen as Rich Crawford explains the field of Avionics.


McAlester freshmen tour the Visual Communications department at OSU–IT—McAlester freshmen tour the Visual Communications Department at OSU–IT. James McCullough (Division Chair) welcomed students and answered questions. Students included Stephanie Cummins, McKayla Hurley, Karlie Buckner, Zoey Lovett, Emma Alexander, Dalton Ferguson, Brandon Martinez, Vinny Williams, Austin Vilar, Noah Cook, Cameron Green, Jett Wood, Kobe Brinkley, Alyssa Carrell and Tessa Adams. Teacher: Nicole Green


Mike Pierce at OSU–IT—Students listen as Mike Pierce presents information about the Engineering programs at OSU–IT. Pictured are: Mr. Geis, Samantha Gonzales, Colton McEachern, Ayden Lee, Justin Madden, Matt Lalli, Jasmine Johnson, Lindley Old, Faith Paul, Marle Angel, Sydney Shelton, Brandon Martinez and Ashley Todd.

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