Savanna Freshmen and Sophomore GEAR UP Boys tour the University of Central Oklahoma


Savanna freshmen and sophomore boys recently started their day at 7 am as they traveled to Edmond, Oklahoma, to visit the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma. Upon arrival, they were greeted by UCO Tours Representative Gina Hickey. She escorted them to the Mary Fallin Room in the Nigh University Center.

Hickey talked to the group about the history of UCO, majors programs, grades, tests, the admissions process and campus life. Students then participated in a scavenger hunt. Hickey explained the rules and divided the students into four groups. She distributed student packets with a map for each team. Hickey encouraged them to use resources like students and staff for extra help in obtaining information. She explained the role for each student on all teams. Then students were released to begin the hunt.

A highlight for the boys was a visit to the Bronco football field at Wantland Stadium on the UCO campus. Many of them ran the length of the field and showed off their jumping skills by trying to touch the goal post in each end zone. They were intrigued by the texture of the turf on the football field.

Students visited most of the buildings on campus as well as the different eating facilities. Students asked UCO students and staff for help in their quest for information during the scavenger hunt.

GEAR UP Education Coordinator Kamy Patterson’s group completed the hunt first and returned to the Nigh University Center to greet other teams as they completed their adventure. All of the boys were impressed with the campus and the possible opportunities presented to them as future UCO students.

“The UCO staff were great,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Kamy Patterson. “They did a wonderful job of welcoming the Savanna boys and provided a fun activity for them to explore the UCO campus. Several expressed interest in attending UCO.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.

Bronco Field at Wantland StadiumSavanna students at the UCO Bronco Field in Wantland Stadium include Michael Strain, Jacob Tate, Nathan Gilliland, Brayden Hernandez, Martin DelaGarza, Keaton Lewis, Richie Williams and Cason Compton.


Savanna Students Listen to Gina HickeySavanna students listen to UCO Tour Representative Gina Hickey in the Mary Fallin Room of the Nigh University Center.


Students Have a Practice SessionSavanna students have a practice session in the end zone of Bronco Field during the GEAR UP tour of UCO. Pictured are:
Kneeling: Cason Compton, Michael Strain, Nathan Gilliland, Martin DelaGarza and Brayden Hernandez
Standing: Jacob Tate, Richie Williams and Keaton Lewis


Savanna Students Visit the UCO Wellness CenterSavanna students visit the Wellness Center at the University of Central Oklahoma. Pictured are:
Michael Strain, Nathan Gilliland, Keaton Lewis, Brayden Hernandez, Martin DelaGarza, Jacob Tate, Carson Compton and Richie Williams


Students in Front of Thatcher Hall—Savanna students pose in front of Thatcher Hall College of Business Building at the University of Central Oklahoma. Pictured are:
Front Row: Blake Cathey, Andrew Sparks and James Moore
Second Row: James Labor, Casey Myers, Nick Gilliland, Cade Lane, Keaton Lewis, Richie Williams, Christian Dalpaos and Brian Shull
Third Row: Senior Guide Randall Lyons, William Sears, Cason Compton, Michael Strain, James Underwood, Zach Waldridge and Martin delaGarza
First Row on Steps: Jonathon Impson, Kolby Cato and Trae Harris
Second Row on Steps: Tanner Rowland, Jacob Tate, Nathan Gilliland, Blain Martin, Cody Smith, Brayden Hernandez and Robert Short
Left of Door: Brayden Hoffman, JR Jewell and Weston Martin
Right of Door: David Hall, Colby Post, Senior Guide Lane Martin, Gunnar Oliver and Christian Hampton


Students and Important Message—Savanna students are reminded of an important message in front of the UCO Bronco Fieldhouse. Pictured are:
Front Row: Martin DelaGarza, Nathan Gilliland, Cason Compton and Michael Strain
Back Row: Keaton Lewis, Jacob Tate, Richie Williams and Brayden Hernandez


Savanna Students visit the Bronco Tennis Complex—Savanna students visit the Bronco Tennis Complex during a recent tour of the University of Central Oklahoma. Pictured are:
Brayden Hernandez, Martin DelaGarza, Jacob Tate, Keaton Lewis, Richie Williams, Cason Compton, Michael Strain and Nathan Gilliland.

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