Whitesboro 9th & 10th Grade tour Carl Albert State College

Whitesboro GEAR UP students recently toured Carl Albert State College in Poteau. The tour began in Hemphill Hall. Recruiter Aron Emberton explained that this building would become very familiar to future students because it contains the admission office, business office, and financial aid.

The next stop was the newly renovated, Jim Jinkins Academic Center which houses the two–year technical programs. Students were shown the apartment–style, freshmen dormitories. Emberton explained the various scholarships which assist in housing costs. He led the students through the biology lab in the Deanna J. Reed Math and Science Center, and the students were able to look at fetal pigs. He explained which classes and labs were offered on the specific floors of the building.

The George Ollie Jr. Center for Academic Excellence was the next stop. Emberton explained that many of the first–year classes are held there. It contains the Liberal Arts classrooms for the Division of Communication and Fine Arts and the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Emberton showed the students about the F. L. Holton Business Center and discussed the various classes held in the building.

The students were then shown the Costner–Balentine Student Center which houses the CASC bookstore, cafeteria and workout facilities. Emberton discussed the music department and the various scholarship opportunities offered within the Communication and Fine Arts Division. The tour ended at the Joe E. White Library. Director of Libraries Terri Carroll spoke with the students about learning how to navigate online resources such as EBSCO Host. She also discussed upcoming student activities that the library will provide for the students.

“College tours are an important part of Eastern’s GEAR UP program,” said GEAR UP Education Coordinator Melissa Juarez. “They give the students a first–hand look at life on a college campus.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Participating schools take two field trips each academic year—one to tour a college or university and one that is cultural/educational in nature.


Whitesboro GEAR UP students prepare to tour Carl Albert State College.
Front Row: Braeden Richardson, Tori Culley, Reba Ludlow, Peyton Hoyer, Harley Carlson, Loren Johnson and Kimberly Craig
2nd Row: Aubrey McGee, Jade Wallace, Trenton Weaver, John Cranford, Avery McCarley, Logan Odom, Sawyer Adams, Jason Archer and Levi Odom
Back Row: Adrianno Carlson, Marty Burr, Caleb Henry and Trenton Lanning


Reba Ludlow, Harley Carlson, and Tori Culley enjoyed touring the Carl Albert State College campus.


Marty Burr, John Cranford and Caleb Henry were interested in the fetal pigs in the biology lab.


Carl Albert Recruiter Aron Emberton discusses what will be covered during the campus tour as Peyton Hoyer, Avery McCarley, Loren Johnson, Logan Odom, Marty Burr and Sawyer Adams anticipate the sites.

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